konnect Issue-date: 26th June, 2020.

Mr. Binoy Kamath
General Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs, Bangalore
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Augmented reality in the industry is now

Augmented reality is quickly being adopted in the industry. The AR enables all existing data of a plant or machine to be displayed on the mobile device in real time. This saves time, leads to fast response times and ensures precise maintenance and inspection of industrial objects. Augmented reality (AR) allows additional digital information to be shown on the display of a mobile device. In the industry this new technology opens up a wide range of potential and can be used in a variety of areas: from production planning, service and maintenance to employee training and further education. This new form of visualization and the permanent availability of all data for a specific plant object allows to quickly and easily identify space requirements, necessary connections or technical defects and supports the completion of tasks with millimeter precision.

Mobilizing augmented reality Smartphones, tablets, sensors and smart HMI systems are the cornerstones for AR applications and the new technological age in the industry. This can also be implemented in the hazardous areas with specialized Mobile devices like phones and Tablets built for such applications.

These devices allow continuous process visualization and control as well as the integration into the digital network of the entire plant at practically every point within hazardous environments.

Devices with magnetic gyroscope enables users to identify objects in an installation via augmented reality applications. The software delivers all underlying, existing data directly on the mobile device's display in real time, while also making it shareable within a company’s network. Whether through construction plans, maintenance information or operating states –the reality is enriched and extended by virtual data already stored in the plant. The mobile use of AR can solve versatile challenges and tasks in the industry–from rapid commissioning of a plant, transparent processes and precise maintenance to efficient asset management. Fast commissioning and navigation is also possible. The commissioning of a plant should run as smoothly as possible and without delay. Until now, important data or deviations were often laboriously recorded on paper and then transferred to the system before anyone could react or process the data further –a time-consuming process.

With the help of mobile devices and an AR application, however, the valuable data is quickly and easily accessible. Lengthy intermediate steps and handwritten notes, lists or the consultation of the manual are no longer necessary: Mobile workers can use AR applications to receive and enter data as well as test results directly on the mobile device and even add a photo or voice memo.

Merging the data sources simplifies the daily onsite work enormously. Augmented reality not only identifies what users see, but expands this information, and also helps them to get to the location of an event. Augmented reality assisted navigation guides employees – both internal and external – efficiently and above all safely through complex plants. Even in cases of emergency, the application helps to scan the environment so you can quickly find fire extinguishers, assembly points or safe escape routes.

Learning more about a device in real time during inspection and maintenance mobile workers not only benefit from the navigation function for sometimes extensive plants, but also from the relevant data of the objects to be inspected.AR provides them with all significant technical data on their mobile device in real time. The device uses sensors to detect the object and the software then displays all relevant technical data.

Thus, a mobile worker who inspects a plant in a potentially dangerous working environment can record the result and repair any damage during maintenance or initiate necessary repair measures immediately. If an additional specialist is required for professional support, he or she can simply be connected to the mobile device in real time, without having to visit the plant him-or herself.

This immensely facilitates and accelerates remote diagnosis and maintenance in hazardous areas. Using shutdowns efficiently & managing business-critical assets efficiently to minimize downtime and costs is essential for industrial companies. Due to constantly increasing price and cost pressure in global competition, no company can afford long shutdowns of a plant. Productivity, efficiency, flexibility and plant safety can be increased by means of a smartphone or tablet with AR application.

Plant supervisors receive all data at a glance, which facilitates smooth scheduling and workflow planning. Fast and complete data availability and good data quality save time. This enables companies to react more quickly and precisely to spontaneous outages or guarantees the on-schedule start-up of the plant after a planned shutdown.

New technologies for the industry & the computer-aided extension of reality by AR shows things that were previously not visible, but which directly affect the field under consideration. A visualization that saves time. The extended image on the mobile device, for example, shows the maintenance staff defective spots and repair instructions in real time and on sit.