`` ISA Student Section Report
konnect Issue-date: June, 2020.

Organising Committee

Convener:Dr. M. Ezhilarasi, Professor & Head, Department of E&I

Coordinators:Dr. P.S. Mayurappriyan, Prof. M. V. Umesh & Dr. V. Dinesh Kumar

ISA : Dr. Jayesh Barve, President of ISA Bangalore Section

In Association with: INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF AUTOMATION, Bangalore Section

Collaboration involves:

Experts from:

Webinar Highlights:

Day 1: Application of AI & ML in Process Industries – Mr. S.R. Venkatapathy
Day 2: Future Technology Tools for a Process Automation Engineer by Yokogawa Team – Ms. R. Mahalakshmi, Ms. R Padma and Ms. Lakshmi
Day 3: Collaborative Automation - COBOTS – Mr. Renukaprasad Belgur
Day 4: Future of Automation Career-Roadmap for Emerging Engineers (Panel Discussion) - Mr. Ramachandra Kerur, Mr. Rajshekhar Uchil, Mr. Sunil Shah, Mr. AC Prashanth, Mr. C. S. Prakash, Mr. Muthu Kumar Discussed about The experience and the wisdom of the panellists was impactful and helped everyone identify the career opportunities available in the field of automation, what skillsets one should acquire and how to build them in due course to achieve their dream job

Day 5: Topic: Micro Sensors and IOT - Mr. V. Shanmugaraj


Total Participants - 687 (Day 2)